How does our application work

On this subpage. We show you how to navigate through our graphic creation application.

  1. Register or log in to the application
  1. You will be redirected to the graphic creation form. You can use the form to create graphics if you are experienced in creating graphics. In the Models section, you will be able to see the example graphics that have been generated using different models (section 4).
  1. In the advanced options, you can change:
  • the type of model used to generate graphics
  • the negative prompt
  • the size of the graphics generated
  • the seed – determines what will generated
  • the number of generated graphics
  1. In the Models section, you can view the generated sample graphics. Clicking on the “Edit” button, you will go to the graphics generation form. You can then edit the prompt or generate an existing one.
  1. History – displays the history of the graphs you have generated..
  • Filters allow you to search the graphics by the models used and the part of the prompt.
  • The “question mark” icon shows the parameters used to generate the graph.
  • The ‘edit’ icon takes you to the graph generation form, where the parameters from a given image are replaced in the form.
  • The ‘switch off’ is used to select graphics, which can then be deleted using the ‘delete image’ function.
  1. Profile – allows you to view the user data and change the password.